what we're all about

Undiscovered Existence was founded to fill a need that most people do not know they have. 


The average photo albums contain the collective memories of an entire family through multiple generations, and as such are irreplaceable mementos. Decades worth of memories are too valuable to only exist on paper.  We aim to immortalize these precious moments so that they may be enjoyed for generations to come. 


digitizing print and film

In cases where prints have become lost or damaged, or in instances where new reproductions are required, we can scan all types of consumer negatives and slides to reproduce a digital file.  

image restoration

and colourization work 

When an irreplaceable image becomes damaged, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our staff are experienced in restoration of all types of 

torn, burnt, or water-damaged 


collection archiving 

We create digital archives of entire collections for families, professionals, companies, and historical organizations. These records are not limited to photographic prints or documents, but also include high resolution colour photographs of artworks and collectibles for insurance and estate planning purposes. 



Based in New Westminster, British Columbia

undiscoveredexistence @ gmail.com