restoration services 

We've been restoring old images for almost two decades, bringing smiles and in some cases happy tears to the faces of clients who thought their keepsakes were destroyed. We've see it all. From small pin and staple holes, to small rips, scrapes and abrasion to large rips and even missing "chunks" of the image. While not every bit of damage is fully reversible, we have an extensive knowledge with alternate ways to fill in missing detail. 

We can recall a very unique experience where we were approached by a client who was the spitting image of her grandmother, whose image she was asking us to restore. In order to replace a portion of the image that was completely missing, we photographed the client and patched the missing part of the finished image. The client was beside herself and wept when we presented the final product to her. Not only had we fixed the image of her grandmother, but we created a story for the client to tell for the rest of her life.

image restoration work

basic edit


Per Image

• Dust & Scratch Removal •

• Colour Correction •

• Black & White Conversion •

• Minor Alterations •

advanced edit


Per Image

• Includes All Basic Services •

• Basic Rip & Tear Repair •

• Background Enhancements •

• Stain & Ink Removal • 

extreme edit


Per Image

• Includes All Advanced Services •

• Multiple Rip & Tear Repair •

• Significant Damage •

• Image Rebuilding • 


image colourization work



Per Image

• Includes Basic Restoration •

• Covers basic Colouring •

• Limited to 2 People •

• Light detailing work •



Per Image

• Includes Basic Restoration •

• Covers Advanced Colouring •

• Limited to 4 People •

• Advanced Level of Detail Work • 



Per Image

• Includes Basic Restoration •

• Covers Extreme Colouring •

• No Limits on People •

• Extreme Levels of Detail Work • 


digital restoration examples

basic samples

Basic restorative work is most often required for negatives that have been improperly stored and have

suffered small scratches, an accumulation of dust, or have discoloured and faded due to UV exposure.


Most basic restorations will generally take 1 - 2 days to complete

advanced samples

Advanced restorative work will repair creases, folds, and paper tearing caused by mishandling or 

improperly storing prints and albums. Additional care is taken during advanced restoration to provide

our clients with an image that will meet and then exceed expectations 


Advanced Restorations will generally require 2 - 4 days to complete

extreme samples

Extreme restorative work will require a sufficient amount of detailed work to be completed.

All extreme restoration work will require 1 - 2 days to review determine the best course of action.


Extreme Restorations will require between 5 - 15 days to complete 

colourization samples

Colourization adds a spark of life to a vintage black and white photo, and is best accomplished with a clean and clear

source file which we will scan at high resolution included in the cost of colourization.

Light colourization work will focus on a single subject and a basic background.

For example, a studio portrait with a single person or animal posed.

Advanced / Extreme work will contain multiple subjects with a moderate to heavily detailed background or foreground.

For example, a family or candid photo with multiple people represented in extravagant dress


Colouring work will generally require 2 - 10 days to complete (depending on complexity)

• every photo tells a story  every photo holds a memory • every photo is a part of history 

we understand how much your memories mean to you, and we will take great care of them.